Celan Reads Japanese

To me it appeared as if all these poems were reminding me that hearing cannot be thought of separately from a threshold. This is something I had known back when I was living exclusively within the Japanese language. The ideogram to hear captured this knowledge without my being conscious of it. There is a saying that perhaps also belongs to this knowledge. It goes: Monzen no kozoo narawanu kyoo o yomu [‘The boy who lives before the gate of a temple can recite the prayer without learning it’]. For me, the boy who doesn’t go into the temple and remains standing at the gate embodied the person who is hearing. But now that I have begun to think in German quite frequently, I most often associate the verb to hear [‘hören’] with to belong to [‘zugehören’] so that when I hear something I feel the need to hurry after the unfamiliar voice and not remain standing on the threshold.Yoko Tawada translated by Susan Bernofsky



Listening to Inner Fields by Delphine Dora & Bruno Duplant.

Also: Horace Tapscott with The Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, World’s Experience Orchestra, Messiaen (Quatuor pour la fin du temps) and My Body Full Of Stars – An Afrofuturism Mixtape.

Black Grey White

  1. been gone and done
  2. been gone and done
  3. been gone and done
  4. been gone and done
  5. been gone and done
  6. been gone and done
  7. been gone and done
  8. been gone and done
  9. been gone and done
  10. been gone and done
  11. been gone and done
  12. been gone and done
  13. been gone and done
  14. been gone and done
  15. been gone and done
  16. been gone and done?
  17. been gone and done
  18. been gone and done
  19. been gone and done
  20. been gone and done
  21. been gone and done
  22. been «gone and done»
  23. be'n gone and don'
  24. been gone and don'
  25. been gon' and “done”
  26. be'n gone and done
  27. been gone ¿and done?
  28. been “beengon' «and don'done»”
  29. ¿been beengon' goneand don'?
  30. «be'n beengon' andand «anddone»»
  31. been gnoe andand anddone
  32. «been beengone goneand anddno'?»


Listening to Mike Weis – Ritual Mix. Especially Ogum Beira-Mar into Windham by Alabama Sacred Harp Singers (19m30s – 25m43s). More information on Type.